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Identify Australian Made UGG

🔘 Australia Word - Just because someone uses the word Australia in their name, doesn't mean their products are made in Australia. The words 'Made in Australia' must be featured in a clear written format.

🔘 Australian Sheepskin - This claim of knowing where the sheep originated from is common with imported products. The country of origin is often deceptively left out of the description but the impression is given that the whole company, manufacturing, tanning and quality is Australian.

🔘 Tags & Packaging - we often see the word Australia and made in Australia on stickers, swing tags and even top stitching. However the only way to be sure is to look for the stitched label, low inside the shoe. This is one of the first steps in production and not a simple, final stitch done locally in Australia on a 99% completed imported shoe. Look out for a inner tag that has been cut and the true country of origin cut off.

🔘 No brand name, no company or factory address, no labels, no website or socials. If you're proud of your company, manufacturing and standards, you've got nothing to hide. We should be able to walk straight into your factory on a minutes notice?

Australian Made companies and products have a strong global reputation for being the best in many fields. This proud tradition has been nurtured by honest, hard working and ethical farmers, craftspeople and innovators. Buying authentic Australian made Ugg boots is the earth friendly option as Australia follows environmentally safe EPA practices, uses high quality approved and regulated chemicals and the lifespan is longer than inferior imported products. Keeping the tradition alive and jobs for Australian farmers, tanners, factory workers and local retailers is more important than ever.

Thank you for supporting Australia Made

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